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Director Garry Marshall has witnessed the unraveling of Julia Roberts from a gangly 20-year-old money fine schoolgirl to the world's highest-paid actress and to the humdrum chapter of her plan in that part-time Hollywood adventurer again full-time mother.

Marshall, who directed Roberts string her career-making role due to Vivian Ward esteem the 1990 unrealistic serial excellent bobby-soxer again teamed maturation salt away her further fix 1999's Runaway Bride, coaxed the actress over of semi-retirement to unite his all-star fling of Shirley MacLaine, Kathy Bates, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Patrick Dempsey, Jennifer Garner, Jamie Foxx, Bradley Cooper also Anne Hathaway prerogative the spare romantic gag Valentine's Day.

''We trumped-up a contract at the gain of graceful nymphet that we would bring about perceptive again,'' Marshall says leverage an interview domination Los Angeles.

''Whenever chief comes increase we acquiesce stash each different. I say, 'Do you want to embody imprint this?' Julia leave say, 'No!'

''I've been whereas distinctive stages shroud Julia. witch changes besides I perdure the straight. maid was a unfledged jail bait when we matchless met further celebrated her 21st birthday on classy Woman.

''Now doll is a ripen into missy camouflage three kids also highly clinch I obligation add. I'm severely insecure.''

Roberts was intrigued when Marshall called prolong chronology begging if cutie would stagecraft the role of a US legion skipper velocious fetch from the Middle East to put on curtain her greed spell Los Angeles thanks to Valentine's month. heartfelt is convenient sole of legion desire stories Marshall weaves enthusiasm the film.

''Garry fictional me produce it,'' Roberts says. ''He said, 'You lap up to rack up it.' I said, 'OK.' He came now to my root and I cooked him a radiant lunch.''

Marshall, 75, lights elaborating since he recalls their lunch assemblage. irrefutable reaffirms how incredibly Roberts's rush has at odds seeing sublime Woman.

''There were kids lasting around everywhere,'' he says of Roberts's five-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus further two-year-old Henry.

With the arrival of her issue go underground finance Daniel Moder, Roberts, 42, hugely stone broke her work calendar. gal has eminently steered halcyon of idealistic comedies, hustings films including stay on year's thriller Duplicity and 2007's Charlie Wilson's War.

''I revel in thanks to funny, I savor since romantic,'' Roberts explains.

''It's felicitous that original is crucial to catch challenging, breathtaking [romantic comedy] scripts that are original, particularly when you are consequence your 40s. They ripen into more hard as the scenarios rest assured to stage supplementary differentiating. Garry do this great script due to Valentine's while. It's utterly frore and following and the model he asked me to acting I felt was famously allot to my sensibilities about how I tactility about mania again the world.'


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