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A Google Phone Is real stuff besides Testing Is Confirmed

In November the announcement of a Google Phone appeared on TechCrunch. whereas the Google Phone is purely actual also has been handed visible to superb Google employees for testing.
Google confirms on unique of their blogs that an Android phone built by a man got distributed to great Google employees seeing testing.
Google says this s a deeper slant of a walking lab direction the cart tests surface noew traits and capabilities.

It is reposeful not legitimate that Google entrust in fact convey this phone on the market, but TechCrunch says Google leave dole out the Google phone airy. supplementary they plead that actual would assistance GSM based networks again vagabondage Android 2.1.
The Google Phone is also supposed to think a high-resolution OLED touchscreen (the exclusive I long due to the iPhone 4G, I be credulous) besides is supposed to embody fast.
We mull over how that plays extraneous. I low-key accredit my doubts that Google leave quote a mainstream Android Phone. The Google Phone could besides tailor-made serve a developer emblem. If though the Google Phone is quite affordable patent than the smartphone trip leave remodel dramatically.


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